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Scientific works

The traditions of the research work were laid by the members of the Commission for the Protection of Monuments of the Ancient and the Art of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which have done colossal work on attribution of collections in an unprecedentedly short period of time.

There are several main areas in the subject of contemporary of the scientific research of the Museum:

1.History and archeology of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Sergiev Posad and its surroundings;

2.Museum collections;

3.Problems of museology.

Employees of the museum are engaged in revealing new data on the archeology of the region, studying and publishing ancient monastic sources, exploring the town-planning history of Sergiev Posad, his artistic life, socio-economic development of the city and the region in the 19-20th centuries. The author's conclusions are largely based on a painstaking study of the archives of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Much attention is paid to the diverse activities of the museum's scientific staff in the study and promotion of unique both lapsed Lavra collections and new ones that have developed during the museum's existence. The fate of individual monuments and collections, the ways of their formation and study are traced on the basis of a thorough study of archival and expeditionary materials, reveals the artistic specificity and originality of the monuments in question, expands ideas about the artistic traditions of the regions, introduces previously unknown works of Russian culture into the scientific circulation.

The results of the scientific work of the museum's scientists are reflected in permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions that provide a holistic view of Russian art from the fourteenth century to the present day, as well as introducing the role and significance of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in Russian history and culture. Hundreds of various scientific works have been completed, partially published in the form of monographs, catalogs, albums, articles as a result of many years of research by the museum staff.