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Restoration activity

Research work on the study of the Royal Doors of the 1420s

In 2012, the Sergiev-Posad Museum provided an opportunity to conduct a series of research works on the study of the Royal Doors of the 1420s from the iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral to a restorer of the highest category, head of the Department of Tempera Painting GosNIIR, art historian, Ph.D., V.V. Baranov. The Royal Doors are one of the most valuable monuments of Old Russian painting in the our Museum collection. They were created by masters of the artel, which was headed by the best Russian icon painters of the first third of the 15th century. & ndash; Andrei Rublev and Daniel. It was their abbot of the Trinity Monastery Nikon begged to paint the Trinity Cathedral built over the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh. The icons of the iconostasis written at the same time are still in the church, with the exception of the Tsar’s Gates, which are stored in the exposition of the Sergiev-Posad Museum “The Sacristy of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra XIV-XVII Centuries”, and the famous “Trinity” by Andrei Rublev, which now located in the State Tretyakov Gallery.


From January to May 2012 the restorer of GosNIIR V.V. Baranov, who had previously studied other works attributed to Rublev and Daniel, including “Trinity,” conducted a whole series of works on the study of the Tsar's Gate using modern equipment and techniques. A thorough microscopic examination of the paint layer made it possible to establish the main components of the pigment composition of paints. The icon was photographed in infrared rays, examined using X-ray fluorescence equipment. The obtained data will help to establish the peculiarities of the manner of writing of the icon painters working in the Rublevskaya artel and, perhaps, to solve the problem of authorship of both the Tsar's Gate and other works of these masters. On the results of research V.V. Baranov told at the VIII international conference "Trinity-Sergius Lavra in the history, culture and spiritual life of Russia", which will be held in the Sergiev Posad Museum in the fall of 2012.