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The scientific conference "By love and unity we will be saved "


The scientific conference “By love and unity we will be saved ” (problems of studying and completing folk and decorative arts) was held on June 8–9, 2016 in the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve. The conference was dedicated to the memory of L.E. Kalmykova and the 75th anniversary of the department "Russian folk and decorative arts of the XVIII-XXI centuries." Under the leadership of L.E. Kalmykova in the museum for many years conducted the collection of a collection of modern arts and crafts.

The conference caused a wide response in the scientific community of the country. Speakers include & ndash; scientists from St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Moscow.
Открыла конференцию зам.ген.директора музея по научной работе С.В. Николаева. Затем состоялось поздравление сотрудников отдела «Русское народное и декоративно-прикладное искусство XVIII-XXI вв.». Была отмечена творческая и многогранная работа отдела по составлению, изучению и хранению одного из самых значительных в стране (около 65000 экспонатов) собраний национального искусства.
The conference was opened by the deputy general director of the museum for scientific work S.V. Nikolaev. Then the congratulations of the employees of the department “Russian folk and decorative arts of the XVIII-XXI centuries” took place. The creative and multifaceted work of the department for the compilation, study and storage of one of the most significant in the country (about 65,000 exhibits) collections of national art was noted.


T.N. Manushina, the oldest employee of the museum, made a report "In memory of Lyudmila Kalmarkova (1918-2005)". The speeches of the other participants were devoted to various aspects of the study, acquisition, storage and restoration of objects of folk and decorative art. The conference participants asked the speaker questions, discussed the problems identified in the report after each intervention. Discussions continued even during the break, over a cup of coffee. The speakers visited the exhibition "Rose +" cucumber ", which opened on June 7, and is dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory.
On June 9 the results of the scientific conference were summed up, the materials of which are planned to be published in the form of a collection of reports.