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Visiting rules

Dear Visitor,

The primary purpose of museums is to preserve art and cultural and historical artifacts. The doors of museums have only been opened to give these items the honor and respect they deserve, as well as encouraging people to appreciate art, find inspiration, and learn.

Please respect the rules below during your visit at the The Sergiev-Posad State History and Art Museum-Preserve:

- Please keep a distance of at least 30 cm from the artworks on display.
Artworks and artifacts are delicate objects. When you crowd into a piece of art, you are putting it at risk, not to mention blocking it out of view of other people who also want to experience it.

- No touching! Even though the artwork or artifact is displayed in the open, that doesn’t mean that you can touch it. Just like keeping your distance, keeping your hands off the items keeps them away from harm.

- It is prohibited to sit on the windowsill in the halls.

- Don’t bring food and drinks around.

- Please, leave any packages, all backpacks, umbrellas and bags exceeding 30x40x20 cm.
- In addition, it is forbidden to bring bottles, food, drink, pets (except guide dogs), toys or any dangerous – especially sharp or pointed – objects that might harm or endanger the safety of other visitors, employees of the museum or that of the exhibited artworks.
- Pets and bicycles cannot be left in the cloakroom.

Photography and video: Taking photographs and recording videos is permitted only for exclusively for personal use. Photographing and video shooting in the museum are paid (see price-list). Taking photos is allowed with any admission ticket. Flash photography, monopods and tripods are not permitted.

Tour guide: Only the trained guides of the Sergiev-Posad Museum-Preserve are allowed to guide tours in our exhibition halls.

Cell phones: Please mute your cell phone and avoid calls while visiting the exhibitions.

Visiting with childrens: Our Museum happily welcomes young visitors, meanwhile for safety and security reasons, the following rules shall be followed: Children below the age of 2 can only be taken in the exhibitions in strollers or in front-facing baby carriers. Strollers are only allowed if they are in use and not folded. Carrying babies in any other ways is not allowed.

Smoking: Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited on the premises of the Sergiev-Posad Museum-Preserve. Smoking is possible only in the designated areas outside the building.

Closing time: Closing of the museum's halls begins at 17.30, heading towards the entrance. Visitors are kindly asked to leave the exhibition halls at the arrival of the closing crew, and to leave the building by 17.45. On Friday, the exit time is reduced by one hour: 16.30 and 16.45, respectively.

Visiting with a group or family: The group leaders, accompanying teachers and parents (or freelancer guides with a special permit) are responsible to ensure that all group members or children comply with the visitor rules.