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Wednesday – Sunday 10 00 – 18.00
Tickets prices:
Ticket for 1 exhibition or exhibition:
  • adult - 160 rubles.
  • preferential - 80 rubles.

Photo and video shooting in the museum premises on the visitor's equipment (photo or video camera), without using a flash, tripod and monopod
  • Photo - 170 rubles/person.
  • Video - 230 rubles/person.

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Exhibition "Zagorsk during the Years of the War (1941 – 1945)"

This exhibition is dedicated to the most heroic period of the 20th century history in our country and. It was the most cruel war that affected every family, every settlement, regardless of the size and degree of participation in the warfare. Only our district lost 15 thousand people.

In 1941, Zagorsk was a frontline town. Its severe appearance with tank proof hedgehogs and a tank at the Lavra wall is shown in the pictures created by the people's artist of Russia N. Barchenkov, who witnessed the events. In 1941, the First Attack Army was formed in the town. It played the decisive role in the battle for Moscow. The enemy was stopped in vicinity of the Permilovo Hills at the end of November, 1941. It was the first step to the victory.

The exhibition presents war products of the Zagorsk ordinary peaceful enterprises. The artel “Krasny Shveinik” [Red Tailor] made camouflage cloaks, the knitting factory produced woolen costumes for submariners, the toy factory turned wooden fasteners for tents and cigarette holders instead of matryoshkas. The exhibition includes specimens of weapons, produced at the Zagorsk plants: Shpagin submachine gun (PPSh), signal cartridges, grenades, periscopes (models).

According to the documents and memoirs of contemporaries the exhibition reconstructs fragments of the war enlistment office, class-room and living room of the war time. The rare exhibits: triangle letters, unexpectedly preserved bread cards, photos, documents – can tell a lot of the Time and Town.