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Wednesday – Sunday 10 00 – 18.00
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Ticket for 1 exhibition or exhibition:
  • adult - 160 rubles.
  • preferential - 80 rubles.

Photo and video shooting in the museum premises on the visitor's equipment (photo or video camera), without using a flash, tripod and monopod
  • Photo - 170 rubles/person.
  • Video - 230 rubles/person.

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Exhibition “From the Revolution till the War (1917 – 1941) ”

     The time between 1917 and 1941 was one of the most complicated and contradictory periods in history of our country. Russia entered the epoch of the revolutionary convulsions that determined the direction of its development through the whole 20th century. People still debate whether the country could avoid the revolutionary reforms, civil war, New Economic Policy, Bolshevist dictatorship and follow the evolutionary process. We shall leave these disputes for specialists. Our aim is to show how those events influenced the life in the small provincial town Sergiev (named Zagorsk since 1930) at that period.


The exhibition includes the following parts: the establishment of the Soviet power and formation of the Bolshevist dictatorship, the foundation of the Sergiev Museum, New Economic Policy in Sergiev, industrialization in the town and its environs, mass repressions at the pre-war period. The exhibition presents authentic documents, , photos, posters of the 1920s – 1930s. All items, discovered in the course of serious investigations, are of great historical value.


They illustrate the cardinal reforms in our town and its environs. “Between the Revolution and War” is the first exhibition concerning the reforms of the 1920s - 1930s in the Sergiev Posad district. We have just approached the theme and outlined the events that seemed most important at that historical period.


The exhibition is informative. It is addressed to the public at large and, first of all, to school children.